Be The Change – Education, is it working?


An article from Dark Reading came out earlier this month that is still getting a lot of traction in the news. What’s the big band wagon that everyone is scrambling to jump on? It’s simple. Train employees on social engineering tactics. The article points out that more than half of security professionals say that social […]

Winning the SECTF – DEF CON 22


As written by Stephanie Carruthers The Social Engineering Capture The Flag (SECTF) is a competition that is held at DEF CON. The competition is comprised of two parts, an information gathering phase and live call phase. A target company is randomly assigned and the information gathering stage begins with research of the company (by only using […]

Celebrity Hacking – Was iCloud the culprit?


It seems like you can’t turn on the news right now and see the story about the celeb’s getting hacked.  Chris was even asked to speak about it with Fox Business Network. There are a lot of sensational reports about how this “hack” occurred, but lets just sit and think for a minute.  In the […]

What the SECTF4Kids is All About


If someone had told me 4 years ago when I was sitting in my office thinking up ways to make kids cry what this little competition would have turned into, I would not have believed them. But there I sat trying to figure out how to teach kids that social engineering skills can be used […]

Identity Marketing: Toeing the Line with Influence


We are bombarded on a daily basis by marketing messages that tell us what to like, buy and even how to think. As intrusive as it can be, it is likely to continue to escalate. Clearly good marketing influences our attitudes and buying behavior.  It makes sense that the more personalized and specific the marketing, […]

Victory Nonverbal


Social engineers and psychologists may specialize in recognizing nonverbal cues but they have never won a Super Bowl with their skills. Richard Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks secondary did exactly that. By decoding some of the hand signals Peyton Manning used in Super Bowl XLVIII to communicate with his receivers, the Seahawks gained an advantage over […]

Social-Engineer.Org – Reborn and Recreated


It was almost 5 years ago that we launched the site.  Honestly folks, if you had asked me to predict what would come of it my wildest dreams would not have lead me to this.  Almost 5 years, 2 books, a number of worldwide trainings, a company and much more later it was time […]